Trans* Solidarity Fund Belgium provides forms of direct and guaranteed help to belgium based & precarious trans persons.


You can send your donation to the account of the foundation that hosts us: Marius Jacob: BE65 5230 8110 3896 specifying in the communication "TSFB".

The foundation does not have the status of public utility and does not allow any tax reduction in return for donations (at least for the moment...)

Banking domiciliation

By creating a direct debit from your bank account (automatic monthly payment of a fixed amount*) and thus participating in your means each month: you give the fund the chance to perpetuate itself and to be able to reach more people on the territory, over a longer period.

Need for change

Around the world, transgender people are victims of violence. Whether it is discrimination, lack of recognition or legal status, violence or murder, people face horrific abuse based on their gender identity and expression.
Courageous activists are doing vital work to protect and improve the lives of trans people, but funding is insufficient and fragile. Despite the growth of LGBTQI funding, trans* organizations are deeply underfunded. In 2017, a survey revealed that more than half of trans groups worldwide had an annual budget of less than €9,047 ("The State of Trans Organizing," GPP 2017).

Professionally, transgender people find it very difficult to find work in Belgium. In the largest study ever conducted in Europe among transgender people from all 28 member states, no less than 53% of all Belgian respondents reported feeling discriminated against in their job search. The European average is 37%, and Belgium seems to be the worst performer in the class (Being Trans in the EU - Comparative analysis of the EU LGBT survey data, FRA, 2014).

The Trans* Solidarity Fund Belgium wants to provide a form of direct and guaranteed help until society adjusts.

At the end of the first donation campaign period, we will allocate packs to 5 people per month, giving access to services of common necessity such as: the payment of hormonal prescriptions, the purchase of selected clothing, facial hair removal sessions, a telephone or the direct payment of administrative costs for first names and gender changes.

For each package that requires it, we will work with professionals who will allow the beneficiaries to access the help directly without having to exchange money.

Once a quarter we will give an exceptional grant of 750€ to facilitate the life project of a person in need (leaving the family home, resuming studies, buying furniture ...).

In order to keep the fund running we estimate that we need 1.700€ per month and 10.500€ for 6 months.

We know that by combining our efforts we can make a big difference for the well-being of the Trans* community in Belgium.


By sharing our news on social networks, with your friends and colleagues...

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* Do you need help with this? Ask us by writing to indicating the name of your bank and your banking interface (mobile application, web GSM, online site on PC, automats...) and possibly your telephone number.